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Tackling your webinars can be a daunting experience. There are so many details to plan - who to host with when to schedule, how often to send reminders, and let's not forget the format. This Template toolkit can be used to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way.

When it comes to running a business, what's the one thing that crumbles most business owners like us?


You and I, we're a lot alike. So I know that you've likely fallen prey to the line of thinking that pushes you to work harder - long hours, high stress, late nights... you know how it goes.

Before you wear yourself out, I want to give you the reality check that I wish I got long ago: 

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

That means... you need systems and templates for everything.

Templates are huge time-saving shortcuts that free you time to do more important tasks in your business.  

If You Want To Free Your Time Then Invest in Things that Make Your Work Easier, Faster and Bring Results!

That's why exactly I created this Template Toolkit, to make sure I don’t miss anything along the way.

Isn’t It Time You Added Webinars To Your Marketing Plan?

In a crowded marketplace like the Internet, how can you make your product, service, or brand stand out? How can you claim your rightful place as the "go-to" person in your field? What will have current customers singing your praises and new customers lining up at your virtual door?

The answer? Webinars.

Simply put, webinars are the hottest marketing tools for online business owners since WordPress got us all blogging, and if you're not taking advantage of this incredibly flexible, profitable medium, you're truly missing out - and so are your customers!


Suitable for Every Business

Whatever your business model, a webinar is a perfect vehicle for your message. Coaches and consultants use webinars to showcase their knowledge; virtual assistants use webinars to inform potential clients about new or innovative techniques they're using with other customers; online store owners use webinars to demonstrate products and provide useful tips. The possibilities for using webinars in your business are limited only by your own creativity.

You don't have to be a long-time business owner to benefit from hosting a webinar, either. In fact, they're an excellent choice for helping to build that all-important mailing list. When free eBooks and whitepapers just don't cut it any more for an opt-in incentive, webinars can easily close the sale. Best of all, free webinars are a great proving ground, allowing you to refine your style and build your confidence before stepping it up and offering paid teleseminars to your growing audience. 

Speaking of which, webinars are... 

Perfect for EVERY Audience

Webinars are ideal for getting your message in front of a larger, often underserved audience. Everyone learns in a different way, and by giving your customers a variety of choices like a newsletter, printed material, your blog, or a webinar, you're ensuring that all your customers benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Your subscribers will be able to pick and choose the method that works best for them, and they'll be impressed that you gave them the choice of formats.

Whether your customers are Internet savvy or just getting started online, there's a webinar format perfectly suited for them. From simple group calls on a standard phone line to interactive, multi-speaker events complete with whiteboards and desktop sharing, webinar providers have everything you need to make your webinar a success not only for you but for your participants as well.

What is inside:

  1. Webinar Worksheet
  2. Webinar Agenda
  3. Webinar Outline Google Doc
  4. Webinar Outline Google Slides
  5. Webinar Hacks & Best Practices
  6. Checklist for locating guest speakers
  7. Webinar Invitation to Guest - email
  8. Webinar Potential Guest Follow Up
  9. Webinar Registration Page Template 1
  10. Webinar Registration Page Template 2
  11. Webinar Thank You Page Template 1
  12. Webinar Thank You Page Template 2
  13. Webinar Handout Template 1
  14. Webinar Handout Template 2
  15. Webinar Email Announcement
  16. Promo Emails Series
  17. Webinar Reminder Email
  18. Webinar Thank You Email
  19. Webinar Follow Up Email Series
  20. Blog post template
  21. Webinar Press Release Template
  22. Webinar Tweets
  23. Webinar Facebook Posts
  24. Affiliate recruitment

Also my bonuses:


  • How to Effectively Plan Your Webinar
  • How to Make Your Webinar Exceptional
  • Best Practices for Making Money from Your Webinar
  • 8 Powerful Webinar Sales Strategies that help you turn even free webinars into money-making events - without being a pushy salesman.


  • How to use Zoom* to set up your first webinar.
  • Plus Zoom Webinar Checklist

          *Zoom.us - FREE if Host Up 100 participants

Why start from scratch and waste time when I’ve done most of the work for you?




13 Modules

1. Put Together Your “Grow My Business” Plan

Download - Webinar Worksheet 

2. Plan Your Content & Event

  1. Webinar Agenda Template
  2. Webinar Outline Template Google Doc
  3. Webinar Outline Template Google Slides
  4. Webinar Handout Template 
  5. Webinar Invitation to Guest - Email Template
  6. Webinar Potential Guest Follow Up Template
  7. Checklist for locating guest speakers

4. Create Your Website Promo Pages

  1. Webinar Registration Page Template 1
  2. Webinar Registration Page Template 2
  3. Webinar Thank You Page Template 1
  4. Webinar Thank You Page Template 2

5. Create Your Autoresponder Email Series

Templates to download:

  1. Webinar Handout Template 1
  2. Webinar Handout Template 2
  3. Webinar Email Announcement
  4. Webinar Promo Emails Series
  5. Webinar Reminder Email
  6. Webinar Thank You Email
  7. Webinar Follow Up Email Series

6. Promote Your Webinar

Templates to download:

  1. Webinar Blog post template
  2. Webinar Press Release Template
  3. Webinar Tweets
  4. Webinar Facebook Posts
  5. Webinar Affiliate recruitment

7. Day Of the Webinar

  1. Webinar Hacks & Best Practices

8. After the webinar

  1. Webinar Thank You Email
  2. Webinar Follow Up Series

Bonus - How to Host Successful Webinars

Download - How to Host Successful Webinars Ebook

Bonus - Setting up Zoom Webinar

  1. Setting up Zoom Webinar Ebook
  2. Setting up Zoom Webinar Checklist
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